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Two boys students, Ma. Sukesh Kumar & Ma. Salman Sadiq of Class IX  have been selected for Rajya Puraskar testing Camp.
One Guide, Gayatri of class IX has been selected for Rajya Puraskar testing Camp.
Scouting is an outing to train the students to face the challenges, to live in an open environment and to inculcate healthy habits.
Aims & Objectives
                                            1.    To build up ones character
                                            2.    To attain self confidence
                                            3.    To make them self reliant
                                            4.    To develop Brotherhood Qualities
                                            5.    To make them self-independent
                                            6.    To inculcate Healthy Habits
                                            7.    To respect the Nation & Others
                                            1.     Be Prepared
                                            2.     Do your best
S. No. Name of Teacher Master/Leader/Captain
1 Mrs. V. Gowri District Commissioner (G) KVS( HR)
2 Smt Jitender Kaur
Flock Leader
Smt Sobana
Cub Master
Smt Yamini
Flock Leader
Smt Mahalaxmi
Flock Leader
Smt Jayamala
Flock Leader
Shri K K Reddy
Scout Master
Mr. P. Swamy Scout Master
Mr. Ashish K. Chaurdia
Scout Master
Mr. M. Nagireddy
Scout Master
Dr. Sudarshan
Scout Master
Mr. Bhaskar Gaud
Scout Master
13 Mrs. Madhuri Guide Master
14 Mrs. Smita Nair Guide Master
15 Mrs. Sneha Guide Master
16 Mrs. Sunita Meena Guide Master
Plan for Activities of 2013 
1. The enrolment during the year 2008-09 is 500 which includes 150 ( Scouts) , 100 ( Guides), 150 ( Cubs) and 100 ( Bulbuls).
2. A total of 60 Scouts and Guides i.e. 30 Scouts and 30 Guides appeared in Divitya Sopan Testing Camp held at Vidyalaya Level on 30.07.09 and all had passed the test
* Two guides of our Vidyalaya,  Neha Nathan and Apoorva of class X  were selected for International Jamboree in scouting 2007 at Chemsford hondon (UK) from Hyderabad Region.
* Guide Srisha of class IX and Sundram of class XI were selected for Rajya Puraskar Testing camp 2008 and qualified in, and awarded the certificate.
* 32 Guides and 32 Scouts are working for President Shield competition in Adult Education and Eradication of Bed Habits.