Student Achievers

The Cluster level Social Science Exhibition was organized in KV No.  1 Uppal  on 4th of October, 2013. The topic for the exhibition was Punjab and Poland. Students from KV Picket won prizes in the following events:

English Debate:  1st Prize – Haritha of class XII E

                                2nd Proze – Komal Karnik of class XII B


Hindi Debate:    1st Prize – Akanksha of class XI

                                2nd Prize – Amlina Priyadarshini of class IX B


Hindi Skit: Third prize won by Monika of X C, Kartik of X A, Neeraj of XI E, Nikita of X A and Roshni of X C.

Haritha and Akanksha will participate in the Regional Level Social Science Exhibition on 8th and 9th October 2013.


Yuva Sangharsh – Young Leaders Contest is being organized by the Ramakrishna Math Dommalguda. Initially 15 students appeared for the first round and 8 students were selected for the second round.  Five among these 8 were shortlisted for the quarter finals and bagged participation certificates. Three students namely Suvidha of XII C, Anant of XII A and Asmitha of XI E qualified for the semi final round which is due to be conducted in the month of October.  The Contest included events like Elocution, Group Discussion, Questionnaire, Essay Writing  based on principles of Swami Vivekananda and leadership qualities.


 V Shruti Reddy of class XII received a Merit Certificate from CBSE for outstanding academic performance in Computer Science in the board exams for the academic year 2012-13.


Pooja K  of class XII received a Merit Certificate from CBSE for outstanding academic performance in Business Studies in the board exams for the academic year 2012-13.



Miss. K. Shreya successfully completed "Young Doctors' Camp" held by Yashoda Hospital from 20/5/2013 to 24/5/2013. She has also completed a three month Amatuer Astronomy Course conducted by G.P. Birla Observatory and Astronomical Research Centre, from 19/01/2013 to 6/4/2013.

M Mani Deepika of class XII secured II position in the KVS National Level 40th Jawaharlal Nehru Science and & Environment Exhibition 2012-13 held at KV Ballygunge, Kolkata from 9/4./13 to 10/4/2013.


Prizes for Merit Students of NSTSE – 2013



Name of the Student


National Rank




Sri Ram Suresh



Class Topper

Medal + Merit Certificate


Anand Saggar



Class Topper

Medal + Merit Certificate


Rahul Barman



School Topper

Medal + Merit Certificate


Shivam Kumar



Class Topper

Medal + Merit Certificate


CBSE 2012-13

Class XII (over all) Appeared – 139   Passed – 137 (98.56%)

Class XII (Science) Appeared – 95   Passed – 94 (98.94%)

Class XII (Commerce) Appeared – 26   Passed – 26 (100%)

Class XII (Humanities) Appeared – 18   Passed – 17 (94.44%)


Class X (Overall)   Appeared – 199  Passed – 199  (100%)

CGPA                                    No. of Students

10                                                           36

9 to 9.8                                                 39

8 to 8.8                                                 45

7 to 7.8                                                 40

Ms. Shruti Reddy of Class XII A secured 99 out of 100 in subject Computer Sci. in AISSCE 2013.

 Class X, 36 students secured CGPA 10 out of 10.

KVS Hyderabad Region Toppers:

The following 2 students stood Second and Third from Humanities stream in AISSCE – 2012 in Hyderabad Region:

1.      Priyanshu Rawat with 93% stood Second, and

2.      Marica Isabel Mary with 89.6% stood Third.


Marica Isabel Mary

  0.1%Merit Certificates

5 students of our Vidyalaya achieved the distinction of receiving 0.1% merit certificates from CBSE for their excellent performance in AISSCE-2012. These students are: -

1.      Piyash Sahay – Science.

2.      D.Niyathi Rao- Commerce.

3.      Aishwarya Joshi –Humanities.

4.      Jai deep PV- Humanities.

5.      Priyanshu Rawat-Humanties.


Students who Achieved 10 CGPA:

27 students of our Vidyalaya achieved 10 CGPA in AISSE- 2012



2 students of class VIII have qualified to participate in National Mathematics Quiz to be held in connection with National year of Mathematics, at New Delhi on Dec-21. The students are:

1.      Rahul Barman – VIII C

2.      Debasish- VIII A


Two students of our Vidyalaya Ayush Agrawal and Priyanka Sahu of class X participated in 15th KVS JMO – 2012 and got qualified to attend a 10 day Indian National Math’s Olympiad training camp to be held at KV, IIT Chennai from 15-12-2012 to 24-12-2012.



Achievements in the KVS National Sport meet 2013-14:   


1.      Miss. U Sresta of Class XII won 4 Gold medals in the Inter District Swimming Competition representing Ranga Reddy District.

Achievements in the KVS National Sport meet 2012-13:   

For the year 2012-13, 61 students took part in the KVS National Sports meet.

1.      In swimming   U-19 Kumari U. Srestha of XI won 02 Gold medals 400 Freestyle and 800 mts freestyle events, and also won silver in 4x100 medley relay and bronze medal in 4x100 mts freestyle relay. Miss Ruparel of class XI won bronze in the 4x100 medley relay and silver medal in 4x100 mts freestyle relay.

2.      In swimming U-14 Master R. Bhavesh of VI won Silver medal 200mts individual medley in event.

3.      Football U-19 Master Akhilesh and Master Hitesh Kumar won Silver medal.

4.      Miss. Shilpa Kumari of X won Gold in the high jump in the u-17 category.

5.      Miss. Bhavana and Miss Tanya won bronze medals in the team events in lawn tennis.

6.     KV Picket Basket Ball U-19 Basketball girl’s team is going to represent KVS Hyderabad region in the Inter KV Tournament-2012 which will be conducted during December, 2012.  Kendriya Vidyalaya, Picket also encourages students to participate in the outside competitions in sports and games. Students of KV Picket brought laurels to the Vidyalaya in various sports and games. 

     Master R. Bhavesh of VI won bronze medal in under 11 200 mts individual medley held at Rajkot from 1-6-12 to 4-6-12, representing AP State Swimming Association.

  HYDERABAD DISTRICT SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP – The below mentioned students of KV Picket participated and won medal in the above mentioned Championship.

Master. Rigved of X class won 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal in u-14 skating,

Master.Vishesh of VIII class won 01 gold medal and 01 bronze medal in u-12 skating and Kumari.

Manvi of VII won 01 gold medal, 01 silver medal, 01 bronze medal in u-12 skating

In Handball 04 of KV Picket students are represented  Hyderabad district. 

Master. T E Anuj Kumar, N Sharath Kumar, G. Sai Nitesh represented NCC Hyderabad ground in Subroto Cup held at Kolkata from 22-7-12 to 31-7-12.


The following students are selected to represent KVS in the SGFI Sportsmeet for the year 2012-13.

U. Srestha


1. U. Srestha – XI (U-19 swimming)

2. R. Bhavesh – VI (U-14 swimming)

3. Shilpa Kumari – X (U-17 Athletics)

4. Shravani Veena – IX (U-17 Badminton)

5. Manushi Gupta – VII D (U-14 Basket Ball) 

 Student Achievers

  • Master Bhavish of class VI won 5 Gold & 1 Silver Medal in Sub Jr. Swimming Competition 2012.


  • Sai Nikhil, Ankit Kumar & Anand represented Medak Distt. in U-19  Handball AP State Championship.


  •  M. Ksheeraja(XII A)  and Vidya Vadali (XII C)  won Gold Medal in Quiz Competition in NCC Camp.
  • Master Kaushik of XI - A got a gift and appreciation letter Oracle Education Foundation for his thought - provoking on-line question to the Scientist on the occasion of the celebrations of International Year of Chemistry - 2011.
  • 12 Students participated in Hyderabad Literary Festival at Taramati-Baradari, sponsored by Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad, and  attended a seminar “Creative Writing” Master Sidhant Jain of Class VIII of our Vidyalaya got a prize for creating a story board on the spot.
  • Master Anindya Chakraborthy of class IX won U-17 A.P. Table Tennis Championship held in Hyderabad on 28 January, 2012.
  • Master Guru Prasad of VII-C secured III position in U-14 Chess Championship held on 25 January in Hyderabad, by A.P. State Chess Association.